Newsstand and Tobacco Shop in Fort Collins

Fort Collins Newsstand and Tobacco Shop


Fort Collins Newsstand and Tobacco Shop

Al's Newsstand and tobacco shop, located in a quaint Victorian storefront at 177 North College Avenue in downtown Fort Collins, Colorado, is an enduring and beloved magazine store retailer that has been in the same location in Old Town Fort Collins for 65 years! Al's Newsstand stocks over 3,500 magazines along with an impressive selection of cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco and hard-to-find tobacco accessories; this special aroma from our tobacco shop combined with our fresh popcorn and the wonderful smell of printed paper is pure newsstand nostalgia. You could spend hours perusing our vast selection of magazines organized by genre, and you'll no doubt see a few publications you didn't even know existed. Our Newsstand and Tobacco Shop also carries bestselling books, newspapers, regional outdoor guides and maps, and unbeatable postcards, greeting cards, and calendars!

Please stop in to visit with our friendly, knowledgeable staff, grab a bag of popcorn, and take time to browse our tobacco shop, incomparable selection of magazines, books and tobacco accesories when you are visiting our newsstand in the exciting downtown shopping area of Fort Collins.

Magazine Review
December 5, 2009
5/5 stars

I'm a sucker for magazines. I absolutely love them. When I first discovered Al's News in Old Town Fort Collins, it was love at first sight. They just have so many magazines! They also sell tobacco products. While they don't interest me, they do make the place smell great! The combination of paper, tobacco and popcorn (they sell it fresh-popped!) make for a distinct smell that hasn't changed in the last 10 years. Every time I walk in I notice the smell and then get lost in the endless wall of magazines. If heaven sold magazines, the shop would be just like Al's News.
Newsstand Review
November 8, 2012
5/5 stars

Love this place. It's small and feels old fashioned cozy. Amazingly well stocked with newspapers, magazines, books, calendars, gifts. Friendly staff. Kinda of a throw-back in a really good way.

Tobacco Review
August 24, 2008
5/5 stars

Al's Newsstand is one of my favorite shops in Old Town. Just about every magazine you can imagine, tons of tobacco, and all sorts of other fun stuff.

Al's Newsstand Review
September 7, 2011
5/5 stars

Honestly one of my favorite shops in Old Town. I have an office right next door (Kapital Real Estate) and it seems like whatever I need, they have. For instance, today I needed 20 postcard stamps, they had 24 available so I was all set! Also, best ever selection of magazines and amazing cigar choices....lastly, their popcorn is freshly popped and is quite addictive. LOVE ALS!!!

Customer Service Review
December 30, 2008
4/5 stars

This place rocks!, It is a narrow store that has an extensive magazine collection. It's what you would find in a big city. Not to mention the employees here are very nice.

Newsstand Review
September 28, 2009
4/5 stars

Great place to get magazines that can't be found anywhere else in town. Nice postcard and comic book selection! If you smoke then this too might be worth checking out.

Historic Fort Collins Bookstore and Tobacco Shop

      177 North College Avenue   |   Fort Collins, Colorado 80524  |    970-482-9853

Summer Hours: 7:30am - 9:00pm Monday-Saturday; 7:30am - 6:00pm Sunday
Winter Hours: 7:30am - 8:00pm Monday-Thursday; 7:30am - 9:00pm Friday-Saturday; 7:30am - 5:00pm Sunday

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Photo of Al's storefront and text excerpts courtesy of "365 Things to Do in Fort Collins, Colorado"


Fort Collins Bookstore and Magazine Newsstand

Fort Collins' favorite newsstand for over 65 years
4.6 out of 5 based on 6 reviews
April Entrepreneur
Check out the April issue of Entrepreneur here at Al's. One of Fort Collin's own is featured in the Going Forward: Business Unusual section - Jen Eichhorn owner of Screamin Peach A Waxing Studio. Jen opened her unique studio in 2006 and plans to open another studio.
Date posted: Sat, 02 Apr 2011 09:37:00 -1200

Al's Newsstand Carries Over 3,500 Magazines!
Be sure to stop by Al's Newsstand for a current copy of these magazines that you would have a hard time finding anywhere else! Mary Jane's Farm - Saveur - Believer - The Fly Fish Journal - Communication Arts - Juxtapoz - Make - Bust - Garden & Guns - ......
Date posted: Sun, 06 Mar 2011 04:22:00 -1200